Underfloor Heating

Enjoy warmth underfoot and save space by installing energy-efficient underfloor heating

What is Underfloor heating 

Underfloor heating is a great way to evenly and effectively add radiant heating to your home.  It removes the need for radiators, freeing up space in your house.


Underfloor heating runs at far lower flow temperatures than traditional radiators, coupled with renewable energy sources such as heat pumps makes it the most efficient heating system.

Green Flare is an expert in integrating underfloor heating with heat pumps and / or solar panels, designing systems that both effectively and efficiently heat homes.


Warm & cosy:

The main appeal of UFH is how warm, cosy and comfortable it feels having an even distribution of constant heat under the foot and in the space of the room.  


UFH is a low temperature system making it perfect for renewable hot water sources such as solar thermal and heat pumps.  UFH heats the room up evenly from the ground up at lower temperatures.  This makes the system more energy efficient that radiator which heat up the air around them. 


UFH uses less energy, this can reduce your carbon footprint.

Space saving: 

UFH is invisible as the tubes are hidden underneath flooring.  This removes radiator clutter which takes up space and lends your home to a more minimalistic, tidy appearance for a contemporary ambiance.

Safe & Clean environment: 

UFH has no exposed hot pipes making it safe for children and elderly.  Additionally, UFH reduces airborne circulation of dust and dust mites, creating a healthier and cleaner environment.  Bonus, tiles and wood dry quicker after being cleaned.


Compared to radiators, UFH is silent, you won't hear pipes clanking. 


Underfloor Heating are compatible with most people’s homes. No matter what flooring type you currently have in your home, there is a method for installing underfloor heating and making your heating system a lot more efficient.

Free quote:

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Foggy Forest


Electricity is the energy source of the future, renewable sources will become the norm.

The global and local goal is to have Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050. Efforts, are being implemented to encourage the uptake of renewables such as grants and banning the installation of gas boiler installations by 2025. 

The goal of the energy transition is independent from fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are in decline on the electricity market as they are too harmful to the climate and ever more scare.  

Nowadays, alternative energies from the sun, wind and water are smart solutions to the climate crisis and the protection of our planet. 

Renewable heating systems like heat pumps and solar panels have been recognised as an important part of the solution. This is why the Government is encouraging the installation of heat pumps as the low carbon alternative to gas, oil and LGP heating.




Cut your CO2 emissions.  Supporting with tackling the climate challenge.


Reduce your energy bills & gain a return on investment.



Be part of the low carbon future before plans are implemented to stop gas boiler installations. 


Secure your own home grown energy and reduce your reliance on the grid, which is becoming more insecure and expensive.