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Heat Pumps

Be the future, use green, heat pump smart technology to power your property and reduce your costs over the long term.

Heat pumps

A heat pump extracts heat energy from the air or ground, even when it is cold outside, and uses it to warm properties.  They are the renewable, low carbon future alternative to traditional high carbon heating systems. This reliable, renewable heating technology delivers highly efficient sustainable heating, hot water and in some cases cooling all year round.  Heat pumps provide many benefits, both financial and environmental.  You could even get the heat pump for free, over time, if you qualify for the Governments RHI scheme. 

Green Flare are MCS accredited installers for both air and ground heat pumps. This is a key requirement in applying for payments from the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive.​



Move away from polluting fossil fuels such as oil, coal or gas and utilise green energy free renewable energy stored in the air or ground so that you can reduce your carbon emissions. 

Lower fuel bills:

Reduce running costs and energy bills.  Although the initial pay out may seem daunting the pay back period over its lifespan in most situations will demonstrate a return on investment and will add value to your property.  Greater than 400% efficiencies can be achieved with well designed air source heat pump systems.

Future proofing your energy: 

With energy becoming more expensive and with the ambitious net zero carbon plans by 2050, the government have announced gas boilers are to be banned from new homes by 2025. Heat pumps and renewables will soon become necessary and one of the primary sources of heating. It's wise to secure and benefit from the technology now.

Get a government grant: 

We can assess if you qualify for the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI). We can make it super easy for you and guide you with how you can apply for payments to offset the cost of the installation. The current scheme will close on 31 March 2022.


No fuel deliveries needed:

Stop expensive and disruptive fuel deliveries. 

Operation and maintenance:

Extremely quiet to operate and only require an annual inspection. To optimise the effectiveness of the technology we offer maintenance service packages for peace of mind.  ​

Free quote:

If you'd like more information or a free, no obligation quotation, simply contact us on +44 (0) 1173 353635 or visit our Contact Us page. We can then advise you on a system to meet your exact needs.

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Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps upgrades freely available heat energy from the air to heat your radiators and / or underfloor heating and provide hot water. The system provides your home with a continuous supply of hot water via a dedicated hot water cylinder. Aside from their eco-credentials, an ASHP system is also very efficient. 


For every unit of energy it uses to extract heat from the air, it typically outputs three times more as heat. Meaning the output efficiency is approximately 300%.

Air source heat pump specific benefits include: 

  • MCS approved for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

  • Little outdoor space is needed

  • Very quite, discrete and whisper like 

  • Highly efficient, A+++, up to 300% energy efficient 

  • Low carbon, environmentally friendly heat source

  • Ideal for off the grid properties

  • Future proof your heating solution now, in line with global drives

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A ground source heat pump is an efficient, renewable energy solution, yielding up to 400% efficiencies.  This type of pump extracts the free heat from the ground via water pipes buried in the garden.  The water temperature in the pipes increases which is then used for heating and hot water in your home.

The pump performs the same role as a boiler in a central heating system. But rather than burring fossil fuels to generate heat, it uses ambient heat from the ground. 

  • Highly efficient, A+++, up to 400% energy efficient 

  • Green heating 

  • Well-suited for larger property plots 

  • Horizontal or vertical installation options  

  • Very quite, discrete and whisper like 

  • MCS approved for the Renewable Heat Incentive

  • Ideal for off the grid properties

  • Future proof your heating solution now, in line with global drives

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Electricity is the energy source of the future, renewable sources will become the norm.

The global and local goal is to have Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050, this is ambitious! 

The goal of the energy transition is independent from fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are in decline on the electricity market as they are too harmful to the climate and ever more scare. Currently, heating UK homes accounts for 14% of the overall carbon emissions levels, which is too high.

Nowadays, alternative energies from the sun, wind and water are smart solutions to the climate crisis and the protection of our planet. 

Renewable heating systems like air or ground source heat pumps have been recognised as an important part of the solution. This is why the Government is encouraging the installation of heat pumps as the low carbon alternative to gas, oil and LGP heating.  




Cut your CO2 emissions.  Supporting with tackling the climate challenge.


Reduce your energy bills, gain a return on investment and even funding to install the heat pump if you qualify for the RHI.


Low noise levels to meet planning regulations. Offering flexible positioning. 


Secure and benefit from home grown renewable energy technologies now as they are soon to become the primary sources of heating.