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Underfloor Heating Bristol

Neat and discrete domestic heating solutions. Covering Bristol’s roofs in solar since 2009.

The epitome of modern luxury, our premium underfloor heating systems exist as cost-effective solutions for households looking to maximise efficiency and comfort. Coupled with a renewable energy source, such as heat pumps, our technology ensures consistent temperatures throughout your home, removing the need for bulky radiators and reducing heating bills.


Our team of expert engineers ensure the seamless integration of underfloor heating for both new builds and refurbishment projects. Complete with advanced Touchline Controls, Green Flare systems provide unparalleled control over your home's heating from anywhere. No more chilly nights and stuffy rooms, just comfort, efficiency and convenience. With our expertise, homes in Bristol and beyond benefit from the luxurious warmth and efficiency of underfloor heating.

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Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

Here at Green Flare, our engineers specialise in the installation of water-based, or hydraulic underfloor heating systems. As well as being cost-effective, wet systems exist as comfortable alternatives to traditional radiators. 


With decades of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions, tailored to the requirements of your property. 


Our installation methods are well-suited to a variety of project needs. For new builds, we often employ Tacker systems, attaching the heating directly onto the insulation board so that the pipework lies within the screed. 


We have options for both new and renovated spaces. We can offer a low profile overlay system called ClimaComfort that uses a thin screed to provide low temperature heating distribution for nearly every floor type. Alternatively, we also provide systems that use an aluminium heat spreader plate for new builds with timber floors.

Underfloor Heating Installation Process


Step 1

The area is prepared. Insulation and a polythene sheet are laid over the concrete floor in your new build.


Step 3

Following a plan, our installation team fix the pipes in loops to each of the rooms)


Step 2

The manifold is fixed to the wall. This is the distribution point for all of the pipework.


Step 4

The System is Flushed and filled and all thermostats and electrical components are fitted before the system is commissioned.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Expertly engineered and seamlessly installed, our underfloor heating systems exist as superior heating solutions for homes of all sizes, offering consistent warmth and comfort throughout. These systems are not only energy efficient, reducing heating costs over time, but also space-saving, eliminating the need for radiators and freeing up room design. With our bespoke approach, we ensure that each installation meets the specific needs of your home, enhancing your living environment with clean, efficient heat distribution.


Warm and cosy

No more chilly feet; our systems provide evenly distributed warmth from floor to ceiling throughout your home.



By heating rooms from the ground up at lower temperatures, our underfloor heating systems prove much more efficient than radiators.


​Save space

Seamlessly integrated and invisibly installed, underfloor heating removes the need for bulky radiators, reducing clutter and curating a sleek, aesthetically pleasing environment.


Safe and clean

Our systems are free from exposed hot pipes, making them safe for children and the elderly. This also reduces airborne circulation of dust and dust mites, creating a healthier and cleaner environment.


Great For Heat Pumps

Coupled with underfloor heating, a heat pump can be run at a lower temperature, reducing running costs and supercharging efficiency.



Each room in your home can be controlled as a different zone, with varying temperatures to suit your needs.

Underfloor Heating Specialists in Bristol & The South West

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Underfloor Heating Installation Costs

Our underfloor heating systems are expertly tailored to your home. As such, costs vary depending on the specific nature of each project. 


Understanding that every space differs, our process begins with precise heat loss calculations and design requirements, which we then share with our supplier. This collaboration ensures we create a bespoke design and specification that fits your project perfectly. 


Our process is streamlined and outsourced for efficiency, allowing for a quick turnaround. This custom approach ensures optimal performance and cost-effectiveness for your underfloor heating installation.


“I can safely rely on Green Flare to be honest and work with integrity. Their technological knowledge means they can articulate comprehensively the solutions needed for specific projects. Green Flare are my go-to renewable expert team and I recommend them to my peers.”

LA, Architect

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Underfloor Heating FAQs

Can underfloor heating be installed in older buildings or homes with existing flooring in Bristol?

Absolutely, Green Flare can install underfloor heating in older buildings or homes with existing floors in Bristol, utilising our innovative low-profile overlay systems specifically designed for renovations. This approach allows for the integration of underfloor heating without significant alterations to existing floor levels, blending seamlessly with the character of any home

How does underfloor heating impact the overall energy efficiency and heating costs of a home in Bristol?

Underfloor heating systems distribute heat more evenly and operate at a lower temperature than traditional radiators, resulting in reduced energy consumption. This, coupled with our bespoke approach and air source heat pumps, ensures optimal performance tailored to each home's specific needs.

What maintenance is required for underfloor heating systems, and how long do they typically last?

Underfloor heating systems from Green Flare require minimal maintenance and are designed to last for decades, providing a durable and reliable heating solution. The longevity and low upkeep make them a cost-effective and convenient choice for homeowners seeking enduring comfort and efficient heating.

How does underfloor heating contribute to indoor air quality and comfort in homes?

Underfloor heating improves the air quality of homes by minimising dust circulation compared to traditional radiators. It provides consistent and gentle warmth, eliminating cold spots and creating a more comfortable living environment. This system ensures a healthier and more pleasant indoor climate, contributing significantly to overall home comfort.

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