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The Team

Let our highly skilled and personable team take care of you.

Dr Thomas Clark

+44 (0) 1173 353635

Hi I'm Tom, I spent my teenage summers helping my dad with his heating engineering business in North Somerset, so you could say I’m a chip off the old block.


After completing my PhD in Electrical Engineering in Manchester, I flirted with the aerospace industry for a while, before launching Green Flare in 2009. I became passionate about sustainability and aligned the business with these principles, guiding our early clients through the maze of what back then was new and unproven technology.

After more than a decade, I’ve worked on every type of renewables project, and seen most of the potential problems first-hand. I’m happy to say I solved most of them! Along with my keen interest in renewables, I also love building relationships with customers and suppliers alike – so if you fancy a chat about your home or project and how we can help you, please get in touch.

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Matt Ballam

+44 (0) 1173 353635

Hello I'm Matt, I represent the third generation of my family working within the plumbing and heating industry, I have over 15 years industry experience. Starting within the light commercial heating sector, and moving into renewables in 2007, My introduction to renewable technologies began with solar thermal systems.

My experience and wealth of knowledge covers design, specification and installation of domestic and commercial schemes. I gained MCS accreditation in heat pump and solar thermal design and installation in 2012, and have established a successful installation business.

Now working in partnership with Tom as Green Flare Ltd, my motivations remain unchanged and focused on the delivery of high efficiency systems from pioneering manufacturers that cut carbon.

I really enjoy meeting new clients and helping them to achieve their project objectives by applying the most suitable renewable technologies.



Hey I'm Ash, I started with Green Flare in February 2017 as a Plumbing and Heating Apprentice. Since then I have gained the qualifications, skills and knowledge to install a variety of renewable systems. I enjoy working in this sector as I'm part of the movement which helps reduce carbon emissions, which I find rewarding. 


I'm passionate about sport and have played a lot of rugby, football and golf.  Nowadays, I go to the gym as often as possible and play golf with a handicap of 5.  I love treat Fajita Fridays!


Fun fact:  Geothermal systems aren’t a new thing – Romans used underground heat as a way to keep their homes warm throughout the year in a process known as hypocaust. 

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Zak Woodman.png



Hi, I'm Zak, I started with Green Flare in September 2020 as an Apprentice. I love being part of a growing team in the renewable energy industry, which I find fun and exciting. I have a qualification in heating and plumbing, whilst continuously learning on the job with excellent mentors. 


I enjoy carrying out renewable installations and servicing to a high standard. My strengths include; problem solving, technical knowledge and customer satisfaction. 


In my spare time I enjoy going to festivals, trying different cuisines and baking. I find baking relaxing and enjoyable eating my favourites  millionaire shortbread and lemon drizzle cake.   



Hello I'm Oli, I joined the Green Flare team in April 2021. I’m excited to be part of Renewable Energy team at Green Flare and seeing the benefit of how our work reduces the negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment. I’m fascinated to keep learning about new products and technologies coming onto the market to support more energy efficiency.

Facts:- Every hour, the sun beams enough solar energy onto Earth to keep everyone on our planet supplied with electricity for an entire year. Switching to wind, water and solar worldwide could eliminate 4 to 7 million deaths from air pollution every year.


In my spare time I enjoy cardio, meditation, hiking, music production & video games. My favourite music is Tech House & Techno. My favourite film is Taxi Driver.

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Millie Lewis.png


+44 (0) 1173 353635

Hi, I'm Millie, I started at Green Flare in February 2022, I was keen to join the team and industry, as renewable energy to me, is about hope and how we need to live our lives moving forward in harmony with the environment. 

I have over 20 years’ experience in a variety of office based environments, across many business sectors.

I've lived in Bristol all of my life, until recently moving to the Mendips, where I love walking my neighbours dog and enjoying the country life.

I have a passion for languages and can speak German, French & Italian I love to travel and am a voracious reader, being a member of 4 book clubs.

Laura Alliss 


Hi I'm Laura, an ILM certified Executive Coach and HR Consultant, specialising in engagement and high-performance. I have been supporting Green Flare enhance their culture, engagement and performance results for next level success in the renewables industry. 


A little about me, I've been making efforts to be more green conscious in the way I live, but I still have a long way to go on this... My dream is to build an eco-home and be off the grid. 💚


Outside of work, I am consistent with my running, weight training and walking the naughty office dog - Pepper, my fur-baby. This keeps me feeling positive, energised and healthy.  

Laura Alliss (1).png
Pepper Galaxy.png

Pepper Galaxy Clark


Hi I'm Pepper, an Italian Greyhound stud, also affectionately known as the "The Menace" because I'm high energy, non-stop and the doggy equivalent of a teenager.  


My skill set includes; distracting my colleagues whilst they try to work, eating the office plant and demanding cuddles.  🐾

Tom Chudley.png



Hello I'm Tom, I joined Green Flare in March 2022. I find it incredibly rewarding to help people gain energy independence and also aid in Britain’s green energy transition. I find all the new technologies being developed to generate green energy fascinating and am constantly researching the latest updates to make our lives more efficient and green. My big bet is on Solar Thermal PV being the future (Heating and electricity from solar panels… How about that!)

Fact: If you were to convert just 1% of all the worlds agriculture into agro-volataics (growing food under solar panels) you could meet the entire worlds energy demands.


Outside of work I enjoy working on my garden, going for walks around Bristol's parks and making music. I am also a host of a podcast (ask me when I’m working to find out which one 😉)

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