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Will Solar Panels Add Value To Your Home?

With increasing focus on greener energy solutions for homes, more people are looking to install solar panels. Solar panels benefit the environment, but they also benefit homeowners too. Over time, solar panels will help you save money on energy bills, but they may also add value to your home. This guide gives you all you need to know about solar panels, what to expect if you install them and the monetary value to homeowners.


Financial Benefits of Solar Panels

Having solar panels installed on a home is a growing trend in the housing market, however it is a grey area as to whether it makes a property more appealing to buyers. According to Landlord Today, solar panels may increase a property’s value by 25%. However, problems may arise if the panels do not have the right certification. The key here is to ensure you engage experienced installation experts to ensure a cosmetically appealing solution which will enhance kerb appeal and, thus, value.


In addition to potentially raising the value of your home, potential buyers may be attracted by the other financial benefits that solar panels bring. This includes making savings on their energy bills, as well as the opportunity to make money through the Feed-in Tariff scheme. This is where the excess energy produced by your solar panels is fed back into the National Grid, for which homeowners receive payments. On average, this results in approximately 22 pence per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated. As discussed at Money Saving Expert, this could result in extra income of £220 to £320 per year.


There is a growing interest in sustainable energy, which makes solar panels even more appealing to many buyers. And with green energy at the forefront of climate debates, demand for homes with solar panels may grow even further. Combine that with the lower energy costs and potential to earn payments through the Feed-In Tariff Scheme, and buying a home with solar panels becomes an attractive prospect.


Installation and Costs


The process of installing solar panels on the roof of your home involves fixing hooks to the roof rafters to provide a strong base to attach the solar panels, although the type of anchor used will depend on the material from which any given roof is constructed. A frame is then attached to the anchor points, to which the solar panels are fitted and wired into your home. An electrician will connect the panels to your electrical and battery system.


The price of solar panels depends on how many you have in a system. According to Green Match, the average price of solar panels, including installation, is £9,000 - £10,000. While this is a considerable sum to pay upfront, you are likely to save around £600 per year on energy costs alone, in addition to earning extra money through the Feed-In Tariff. On this basis, it may take around eight years for your solar panels to pay for themselves.


If you are planning to live in your property for years to come, solar panels should be a good investment. Those who are looking to sell their property quickly will need to decide whether solar panels will add more to the property’s value than they cost to install. If solar panels add a potential 25% increase as we discussed above, then it is well worth considering.


Certifications and Quality


If you are going to add solar panels to your property, it is essential to ensure that they are high quality. This means they will be more efficient and maximise the amount of energy generated, which will save you the most money in the long run. It is also essential to ensure you choose a professional installer with demonstrable experience in the industry. That way, you will get sound advice as to the best types of solar panels for your needs, as well as a safe, effective and cosmetically appealing installation that should run flawlessly for years.


Professional installation also makes your home more appealing to buyers, as they will have the peace of mind that your solar power system has been professionally installed and has all the relevant certifications needed.


Green Flare Solar Panel Solutions


At Green Flare, we are experts in green energy solutions, including solar panel installation. We understand the importance of not only saving money on energy bills and benefiting the environment with greener energy, but also increasing the value of your home through the installation of solar panels.


As industry leaders, we use the latest mounting technology and high-quality solar panelling for roofs, whether flat or pitched. Expert installation comes as standard, and you can expect your solar panels to last a minimum of 25 years without any noticeable reduction in energy output.


If you are unsure as to the best solar panels for your needs, we can give you a quote based on the specifics of your home. Our advanced software can design a solar panel system that works perfectly for your needs, while the installation itself takes just two to three days to complete.


If you would like more advice on solar panels, whether you are looking for ways to save on energy costs or to add value to your home, our expert team is here to help. Please get in touch today.

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