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Solar Panels

Be the future, use green, solar clean energy to power your property and reduce your costs over the long term.
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Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the renewable, low carbon alternative to traditional high carbon energy systems.  Solar Panels provide many benefits, both financial and environmental. 


You can use Solar Panels to generate green electricity or heat from sunlight. Green energy is gaining popularity at a fast rate, over a million homes across the country already benefit from clean, affordable solar power.

There are two types of solar panels.  Solar Photovoltaic (solar PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity, while Solar Thermal panels heat water by absorbing the sun’s warmth, and can be used to heat homes or swimming pools.

When designing your system we will take into consideration the size of the property, construction materials, heat loss and heat load calculations to ensure we deliver a highly efficient, smart technology solution. 



Move away from polluting fossil fuels such as oil, coal or gas and power your home or business by producing free renewable energy from sunlight, reducing your carbon footprint.

Lower fuel bills:

Any electricity or heat you produce is totally free of charge. This will of course lower your total energy bills and save you significant cash in the long term providing you with a healthy return on investment (ROI). This will add value to your property.  

Future proof your energy: 

Investing in this technology will reduce your reliance on the national grid which is becoming less secure and avoid the ever increasing energy price hikes.


You could earn money on the electricity that you produce by selling excess energy back to the grid via the Government Feed In Tariff or through another tariff via an energy firm.  


Government Incentive Grants: 

The government has been offering a number of incentives and grants to encourage the uptake of renewables. If they are in place at the time of installation, we can guide you through the application.  This will shorten the time it takes to obtain the ROI. 


Solar panels are low maintenance and only occasional planned servicing.  They have a long lifespan and typically carry a standard 25 year warranty but can last up to 30-40 years. ​ For peace of mind, we offer service and maintenance packages to optimise solar performance. 

Free quote:

If you'd like more information or a free, no obligation quotation, simply contact us on +44 (0) 1173 353635 or get in touch using our Contact Us form.   We can then advise you on a system to meet your exact needs.

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Solar PV

A Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) module absorbs and converts sunlight into electricity. They don’t need direct sunlight to work – they can still generate some electricity on a cloudy day.

Solar PV modules are supplied as a sealed unit with a specific voltage and wattage rating. In order to provide electricity for a building Solar PV modules have to be combined in a system with other components (including an inverter, wiring and roof mounting kit).

PV panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most PV systems are made up of panels that fit on top of an existing roof, but we can also install in roof systems and solar tiles.

  • Typically produces up to 50% of a property's electricity

  • You rarely need planning permission to install 

  • Easy and quick renewable technology to install 

  • Suitable for every home, whether new build or retrofit.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal also known as solar heating technologies, turn sunlight into heat.  Solar thermal panels or solar collectors are devices that are mounted on to your roof to absorb the sun’s heat and use it to heat up water, stored in a cylinder. The liquid flowing through the panels is a mix of water and antifreeze. This technology is great for space and water heating. They are a popular solution for swimming pool heating.

Installing solar thermal hot water heating requires minimal upheaval and can deliver considerable cost savings, making this type of renewable technology a practical and cost-effective option for new-builds and existing properties.

  • Produces between 60-100% of a property’s hot water.

  • Easy and quick renewable technology to install. 

  • Suitable for every home, whether new build or retrofit.

  • Low cost investment 

  • MCS approved for the Renewable Heat Incentive

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Electricity is the energy source of the future, renewable sources will become the norm.

The global and local goal is to have Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050, this is ambitious! 

The goal of the energy transition is independent from fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are in decline on the electricity market as they are too harmful to the climate and ever more scare.  

Nowadays, alternative energies from the sun, wind and water are smart solutions to the climate crisis and the protection of our planet. 

Renewable heating systems like heat pumps and solar panels have been recognised as an important part of the solution. This is why the Government is encouraging the installation of heat pumps as the low carbon alternative to gas, oil and LGP heating.




Cut your CO2 emissions.  Supporting with tackling the climate challenge.


Reduce your energy bills and gain a return on investment.


Low noise levels to meet planning regulations. Flexible positioning. 


Secure your own home grown energy and reduce your reliance on the grid, which is becoming more insecure and expensive.