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Solar panels

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Solar panels

Solar panels generate green electricity or heat from sunlight. Don’t worry about the British weather – there’s still plenty of light for them to work, even in winter.


Solar is gaining popularity rapidly, and over a million homes across the country already benefit from clean, affordable solar power.

There are two types of solar panels. Solar Photovoltaic (solar PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity, while Solar Thermal panels heat water by absorbing the sun’s warmth and can be used to heat homes or swimming pools.

Eco-friendly and efficient – reduce your carbon footprint by producing free, renewable energy from sunlight for your home or business.


​Lower energy bills – the energy you produce is totally free of charge, lowering energy bills and saving you significant sums over the long term.


A great investment – solar panels provide a healthy return on investment and add value to your property. And you can sell any excess energy back to the grid too.

Future proof your energy - Investing in this technology will reduce your reliance on the national grid which is becoming less secure and avoid the ever increasing energy price hikes.

Easy to maintain – solar panels are low-maintenance and only need occasional servicing. They typically carry a 25-year warranty but can last much longer.


Electricity is the energy source of the future, renewable sources will become the norm.

The global and local goal is to have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 - this is ambitious! 

The goal of the energy transition is independent from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are in decline on the electricity market as they are too harmful to the climate and ever more scarce. Currently, heating UK homes accounts for 14% of the overall carbon emissions levels, which is too high.

Nowadays, alternative energies from the sun, wind and water are smart solutions to the climate crisis and the protection of our planet. 

Renewable heating systems like air or ground source heat pumps have been recognised as an important part of the solution. This is why the government is encouraging the installation of heat pumps as the low carbon alternative to gas, oil and LGP heating.  

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